Symposium gene editing in plants
10 October 2019 The Hague

09:00-09:30       Coffee & Registration

Opening & Welcome

09:30-09.35       Welcome – Sybe Schaap (Chair COGEM)
09:35-09.45       Opening – Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Session 1:          Plant Breeding & gene editing (chair: Nico van Straalen)
09:45-09.55        Nico van Straalen
                              Dilemmas in the assessment of gene-edited crops
09:55-10.15        Arend Streng, Rijk Zwaan Breeding B.V., The Netherlands
                              The potential and limitations of gene editing in plant breeding
10:15-10:35        Edith Lammerts van Bueren, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands;
                              Organic agriculture: its position on gene editing
10:35-11:00        Discussion

Session 2:         Global perspectives on gene editing in Crops (chair: Hedwig te Molder)
11:00-11:20       Makiko Matsuo, University of Tokyo, Japan;
                            Genome-Editing in Japan – State of Play and the Governance Issue
11:20-11:40       Wayne Parrott, University of Georgia, USA                       
                            Gene editing in the USA:  A developing perspective
11:40-12:00       Agustina Whelan, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Argentina,
                            Argentine Experience in Genome Editing Regulation: preliminary statistics
12:00-12:30       Discussion

12:30-13:30       Lunch

13.30-13:40       Esther Kok, Wageningen Food Safety Research, The Netherlands,
                            Detection of food and feed plant products obtained by new mutagenesis techniques

Session 3:         Normative criteria in Regulation (chair Frans Brom)
13:40-14:00       Klemens Kappel, University of Kopenhagen, Denmark
                            Is a restrictive policy on GMO morally justified?
14:00-14:20       David Hamburger, University of Passau, Germany,
                            Overview of Social, Economic and Legal Factors that affect the Regulatory Framework for New
                            Plant Varieties Derived From Genome Editing

14:20-14:45       Discussion

14:45-14:55       Ruth Mampuys, The Netherlands,
                            Implications of a product based legislation for GMOs in Europe

14.55-15:15       Coffee break

15.15-15:25       Huib de Vriend, Lis Consult, The Netherlands, 
                            Spot the differences! Citizen’s perceptions of plant breeding techniques.

Session 4:        Governance (chair: Sybe Schaap)
15:25-15:45      Willem-Jan Kortleven, Erasmus School of Law, The Netherlands
                            Back to the future. A legal analysis of the EU Court’s decision on mutagenesis (C-528/16)
15:45-16:05      Sigrid Bratlie, Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board, Norway,
                            A novel tiered governance framework for GMO
16:05-16:25      Mijntje Aarts, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
                            A discussion proposal for changes to the EU GMO directive’s exemption mechanism

16:25-17:05     Discussion & concluding remarks